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  Precured Tread Rubber
  Mold Cure Tread Rubber
  Cushion Gum
  Vulcanizing Solution
  Tire Flaps
  Rubber Compound

1) Precured Tread Rubber ::

In various designs and dimensions having optimum Physical and Rheological Properties.

2) Mold Cure Tread Rubber ::

Premium quality Tread Rubber used for the conventional mold cure process; as per required dimensions can be supplied.

3) Cushion Gum ::

To suit curing temperatures of 150,125 and 100ºC and having excellent shelf life and tack adhesion properties.

4) Vulcanizing Solution ::

Having standard viscosity manufactured using high quality solvents suitable for curing temperatures of 150,125 and 100ºC.
5) Tire Flaps ::

Tire Flaps are available for 10.00x20, 9.00x20 and 7.50x16 Tire sizes.
6) Rubber Compound ::

Custom made Master batches (NR/PBR/Carbon Black based) compounded to the customer's formulation and packaged in the form desirable can be supplied.

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