Precured Tread Rubber

Made from high quality compounds and available in various grades. Narmada Precured treads are available in a wide array of designs and dimensions, comes with high performance and a proven track record

Mold Cure Tread Rubber

Premium quality Tread Rubber used for the conventional mold cure process; as per required dimensions can be supplied.

Cushion Gum

To suit curing temperatures of 150,125 and 100ºC and having excellent shelf life and tack adhesion properties.

Vulcanizing Solution

Having standard viscosity manufactured using high quality solvents suitable for curing temperatures of 150,125 and 100ºC.

Rope Rubber

Rope Rubber

Orbi-tread Rubber

Available in a range of compounds to suit different OTR tyre retreading applications such as for agricultural, mining, quarrying and port use.
6 Also available for truck tyres.

Black Rubber Compound

Rubber compounds (natural rubber / styrene butadiene / poly butadiene / carbon black based) compounded to the customers formulation / technical specification as masterbatch or final mix.

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